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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Marysville, OH to Chicago, IL

Started out the day by getting up and going to the Honda motorcycle manufacturing plant in Marysville, OH.

There, they make Honda Goldwings and VTX's. The tour was about an hour long and it was tremendously entertaining. Seriously, wow, what an clean, well oiled machine that plant is. We got to see then entire process, from the welding of the frame. The assembly. Dyno testing. We saw the paint process, some by hand, some robotic. We saw the process of heat molding the ABS plastic parts. It was so cool watching a frame transform into a bike. Process takes 1.5 hour per bike.

From Marysville, our goal was to get to a town outside of Chicago called Plainfield. We had a nice road picked out. (route 30) and it turned out to be a nice relaxing road. Until the deluge. Things turned black as night in Valparaiso, Indiana and we ducked under cover at a gas station for 30 minutes. There we met another Goldwinger (George) from Illinois. George escorted us almost all the way to Plainfield. (thanks george).

Before leaving, George was telling me how bad the city of "chicago heights" was. I was born there in 1958, but it is now a really, really bad ghetto. We were to pass through Chicago Heights on route 30 before reaching Route 80 in the home stretch of a 350 mile day.

Well, we had really great sunny weather for a 50 mile stretch after Valpariaso. But right, i mean right at Chicago Heights, it began to rain as hard as I have ever seen. Buckets, Dark as midnight at 6:00 p.m. But no way I was stopping. Soaked to the bone, and then some, we continued on, laughing at the insanity for 40 more miles. You can only get so wet.

The rain came and went all the way to Plainfield, but we made it, the clothes are in the dryer, and the weather for tomorrow looks PERFECT.

Thanks Carole and Richard for dinner and a warm bed in Plainfield.

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7/28/06 Wow!

Lorraine - Carole told me she would be seeing you. This website is really cool. Thanks for sharing!

Enjoy your trip, this really looks like a once in a lifetime experience!
Ron Tepner

7/28/06 Butta

So far we are talking Butta! The North rim and Zion are awesome. Enjoy
John Sacharok

7/28/06 North rim? Zion?

You didn't mention those destinations under the truck stop canopy. Make sure you see Bryce, Arches and Capitol Reef NP too. Be careful north of Bryce on Rt. 89 as it is open range and coming out of one of those twisties you may find some cattle in the road. Hopefully you will get to ride the lonliest road in America on your way out.
George Pugh

The ambitious route to Suburban Chicago

Kinda of fun looking back on it now.

Ready to tour the Honda Plant

Goldwings everywhere, nothing but Goldwings

We had a great lunch near Fort Wayne Indiana

Ouch, the tornado was in Joliet before we got there, phew

Somewhere ahead is George