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Friday, July 28, 2006

Plainfield, IL to Ames, IA

Nobody needs to worry about their cornflakes.

We can attest that this country has PLENTY of corn. We saw at least 300 miles of corn as far as the eye can see.

Oh, and a freaky thing happened. I swear this story is absolutely true. We are on Route 80, 30 seconds from crossing the Mississippi River and the song Mississippi Queen by Mountain comes on the Ipod and we blasted if for the entire trip over the bridge. I have about 2000 songs on the Ipod, so I guess the odds are about 2000:1.

But it gets even freakier if I tell you that the morning we left the driveway, I fired up the IPOD on the bike speakers as Lou our neighbor took our picture, the first song from the ipod that morning. California Dreaming by Mamas and Papas. Now I have about 5 songs about California on the Ipod, but that is still about 400:1. Can you guess some of the other "california" songs I have on my ipod. One is by Led Zep.

We also saw the "world's biggest truckstop".

Today was a travel day in perfect weather. We spent about 125 miles on Route 30. Yes, the same route 30 that blesses Pennsylvania. It runs from NJ to Oregon, and the stretch in Iowa was glorious. Rolling hills, but perfectly straight roads with corn and farms and nothing else.

Matter of fact I hopped on Route 30 with about a third a tank of gas, and after 50 miles realized I was almost empty. Had not passed a single town, nor a single gas station in that stretch. All towns apparently where to the left and right of the road 5-15 miles.

Just as I started to panic, about 30 miles later, we came upon Tara, IA, a sleepy little midwest town on 30 that actually had a Red light, and a gas station. It was about 2 pm, so we had lunch, and ended our day 54 miles later in Ames.

Iowa is Lorraine's favorite state so far.

We pulled over to take a picture of a farm in Iowa on Route 30, and within 1 minute, and Honda Motorcycle dealer truck pulled over to see if we needed help. That was Sue on her way to a GWRRA goldwing rally and she invited us.

High temp today on the goldwing thermometer: 92

Krys and Jeff: I did a killer leg workout today, lots of squats and lunges and other stuff. Been working out everyday, the cords work GOOD.

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7/29/06 Cracklin' corn????

Did you get a chance to really listen to all that corn? At night it can make a racket! Also, Hit every one of those nat. parks in Utah! Canyon de Chelly in Chinle, AZ a good bet,too.
Great communication -glad you liked Ftbl "Hall" of Fame.
Dad Hall

7/29/06 NICE!!

Scott, love to hear that you are getting workouts in! Sounds like the trip has been great so far. Keep us posted on those workouts!!

Todays route

We made it to Iowa

Didn't need to stop at the Worlds Largest Truckstop

Crossing the Mississippi

They have corn here in Iowa out the wazoo. Can you say 'Ethanol'?

The goldwing LIKES riding the cornfields of Iowa

I thought I was documenting exactly 1000 miles, instead it rolled from 999.9 to 0 on the trip odom

Did I mention cornfields??