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Monday, August 07, 2006

Another day in Zion/Hurricane

Woke up and headed right to Zion National park with one goal. To forge up the "Narrows".


It was probably a 4.5 mile hike, total. The key is "Walk softly and carry a big stick".

Sometimes the water was waist high, other times you had a "beach" to walk on. 1 (one) mph is about all you can travel. You frequently walk on rocks underwater that you cannot see. The stick helps with that, the depth of the water, and something to balance against the sometimes strong current.

Everybody should do the "Narrows" someday. Its COOL. Oh, speaking of cool, the water was a perfect 61 degrees, which felt great on a 100 degree day. The tall walls also offer lots of shade.

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8/8/06 WOW!

Oh my God - the pictures are beautiful! The photos and descriptions make us feel like we're there with you. I think that you're going to be ready for the talk show circuit when you get home. Everyone has to got hear about this!
Best wishes for a continued safe journey.


Wow - how amazing. The diversity of our country is remarkable. Definately a place to put on the non-caribbean vacation list. Love you both - we are off to Top Sail island for a weeks vacation tomorrow. Hope to be able to keep checking in with you from there. Catherine

8/14/06 Yea, you should write a book on the whole trip.

Yea, don't go to Texes, stay in Frazer and write a book all about you journey.

Scenic ride to Zion

At the base of the Narrows, oh those are pine trees at the top, and there are trails to the top of those mts. This shot is two pictures put together.

Lorraine heading in

Scott by the little waterfall

Awesome, where's Waldo.....I mean Lorraine?

Very awesome, pictures do it no justice. Go!

Arrow marks the spot of Scott

Grab some mud, and leave you handprint to prove you made it

Heading back out

Park pictures after the hike