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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hurricane, UT to Las Vegas, NV

Got up early and headed out Route 15 to Vegas.

Crazy trip for first 30 miles. Coming out of the mountians, dropping from 6000 to 1000 feet, it was all twisty turns downward with crosswinds and mountain peaks everywhere. White knuckle stuff.

But it was a mere 137 miles total, and we made it in under 2 hours.

Staying at the Stratosphere hotel for 2 days to chill.

Took the motorcycle to Desert Honda for the 8000 mile oil change (8009) miles
since new.

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8/9/06 Vegas

Enjoy the rest! The ride through Arizona to Nevada is a PIP, the cross winds were aweful and it takes all of your attention. No sightseeing for the driver there! I am at the Avalon Library so I could get some high speed internet access. I am going stir crazy with the dialup. Keep going west young man.

8/9/06 Las Vegas

Hope you enjoyed the comedien at the Stratosphere. Bodie loved your pictures. Some looked just like the Grand Canyon, but weren't. Stay safe. Vote for Chris.

Todays path

Took us briefly through Arizona

It was still pretty flat in Utah

But looking ahead, MOUNTAINS

Crazy downward turns, altitude loss, crosswinds