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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Las Vegas, NV to Yosemite, California

Woke up early to make it through Death Valley before it got too hot.

Aftger 20 miles of horrible Las Vegas slab road and traffic, it turned into a nice enjoyable ride to Death Valley.

I had expected DV to be endless desert. And there certainly was some of that, along with a high of only 104 since we rode through early.

But both the Nevada end, and especially the California side were tons of mountains and twistys with great views.

Upon emerging from Death Valley on the California side, we found ourselves between the Sierra and Inyo mountain ranges.

The Sierra's were HUGE to our left as we traveled north towards Yosemite. No way to get over the mountians at all until Tioga Pass into the Yosemite National Park.

And wow, that was great. Another run up the side of a mountain to 10,000+. Only this range was different. Lots of green. Huge, huge pine trees. Lots of streams and lakes and green and granite peaks everywhere. The temperature graciously dipping to 64.

It was 55 miles to Yosemite Falls, our destination. But it took about 2 wonderful hours.

Wow. We both agree Yosemite is tops. Upon coming out the other side of Yosemite, we saw our game. Half Dome. The trip down into Yosemite Falls was extremely scenic and the Falls are running and beautiful.

Much more to come (pictures for today, they will get posted along with tomorrows Half Dome climb late tomorrow), but we are heading to our "canvas tent" at Curry Village. Oh Boy! No phones, no lights, no motorcars.....

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Death Valley Sand Dunes, and is that an Area 51 alien?

Another Death Valley Shot

A cool viewpoint near Yosemite Falls

Heading into Death Valley

Its getting hot


and more desert

then into California and the Sierra Mountains

Sierra had plenty of snow on the top

Sign seen on highway 395

Driving 395, a very nice road to Yosemite from the South going North

120 into Yosemite, another "pass", this one Tioga to 10,000 ft.

More twisties into the mountain