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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pacifica, CA to Monteray, CA to Lost Hills, CA

We slept in - needed it as we were beginning to really feel the effects of the hike, then hit the road. We decided not to go north as originally planned, but to see a bit of the Pacific Coastal Highway. Lorraine wanted to stick her fingers in the Pacific ocean - a symbolic end to the western push.

Very cold driving, overcast day and not at all what you would picture a california beach tour till we reached Monteray, which was sunny and bright. We could picture spending time there, but both of us were ready for the return trip east so we took a few pictures and headed out via 152/6 then route 5 toward Bakersfield. Went through Gilroy - the garlic capitol of the world. You could smell it too. Also actually drove buy a Famous Daves without stopping. (Hard to imagine!) One place we stopped for gas had a local fruit and nut stand (no comments) and Lorraine bought fresh plums, pistachios and cashews. That plum was the best she ever remembers eating!

On the road, Lorraine saw another new cow phenonema - odd - no picture cause I swear that Scott sped up to pass a truck when he saw the camera come out for another picture of cows - there were about 30 cows following each other in a line - no fooling - just walking in a straight line one at a time following eachother with no leader and going no where special. Odd. Then again, it is CA... Tomorrow we begin the route 66 journey home.
Happy 51st anniversary Mom and Dad (Hall)!

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8/13/06 Yo Bean

Hope all is well. I know you've been busy. Did you see us on Today last week?
I have some computer ?s for you. Are you going to Brians? Take care.

8/14/06 mmm, garlic....

Love the stuff....

couple garlic links for you.....
Restaurant in SF.....Called the stinking rose....
Great food if you like garlic.....if not, then stick to the "Vampire Fare"

and we have the Worlds Elephant Garlic Festival here in OR, (just this weekend, actually)
Brian H.

8/14/06 The Ride Home

You guys are on the flip side now. Be carefull on Route 66 while checking out the sights. I sure wish I was with you on the ride. See you in XIV.

8/14/06 There is a new sherrif in town

Lorraine has taken control of the blog. Hopefully this will give it a new fresh feel.

8/14/06 Lorraine

Lorraine, I am really proud of you being able to do the hike the 13 hour day. You must be proud of yourself too....i would never be able to do it. Keep up the good work.
No rain here, so things dry. Miss you guys a lot...enjoying the pictures though so we know where you are.
Stay safe
Mom in Law

8/14/06 The Ride

Congratulations on touching the Pacific Ocean. Columbus would be pround of you, and so are all of us. Now, make that great U-turn and head toward the rising sun, and we'll be relieved when you make it to Malvern. Good luck on Rte 66, get lots of pics of what is left of the funky places along it. Rte 30 is another famous road, from Atlantic City to Astoria, Oregon. Do that on your next trip! Be safe!
Dad (John)

Pacifica, CA - beautiful!

Windy roads in Pacifica

Half moon Bay

Route 1 along the way

Lorraine playing in the sand at Pescadero beach

Pompanio beach

Monteray stop

San Luis reservoir