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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lawrenceburg, IN to Malvern, PA (home)

We are home safe after a "get er done" 580 mile day in 11.25 hours.

Stopped for breakfast at a "Cracker Barrel", a snack at a "Starbucks" and lunch, resting as much as possible at each stop and then trekking on.

Its VERY good to be home, and the cat (Shade) is very happy.

The house looks great. Many thanks to Lou for taking care of both the house and the cat.

Lorraine's turn:
It's the next morning after our "power through" day. I wanted to share some thoughts I had as we wind up our great adventure. First, I have an amazing husband. Scott took such good care of me - us - throughout the trip. I had dreamed of a cross-country trip since graduating from college. Scott made all my dreams come true - and then some. Second, I feel a bit like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. We've been to new places and seen many beautiful sights, but there's no place like home. I'm sure the travel bug will get me again, but I'm happy to be right where I am right now. Lastly, we appreciate so much all of your comments and your off-line emails. It has been a blast sharing our trip with you and has meant a great deal to both of us knowing that we have such a wonderful group of people supporting us!

We'll be posting our list of favorites/bests this weekend. Then, of course, we'll be saying goodbye to the blog and leaving it for prosterity and memories.

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8/23/06 Welcome Home

Glad you two are home safe and sound...a bit early I guess. Thanks for your support for the Today Show. We had alot of fun in NY this week. Talk to you soon.
Chris & Betty

8/31/06 Glad you made it all the way!

We met you in Taos on the street by your motorcycle as you were heading to TX and we were on the way to Santa Fe on our BMW. On the way back to Denver we had to stop because of rain and met 4 guys on their way West, also from PA.

Let us know if you ever come back to CO and we will ride along for a while.
Skip and Cathy karch