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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Day before we leave

Doing all the last minute stuff around the house. Shade the cat has to be alone for 35 days, ouch. Neighbor will help there. Mowed the lawn, hooked up all the goodies on the bike, put all the "luggage" on the bike, etc.

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Trunk is full of stuff we need fast, including books

Road atlas is important

The all important trailer hitch caddy, 34 pounds of stuff

Another 3 lbs of stuff on the luggage rack

The new Ultimate seat, and helmets with audio and wife communication

GPS, the mount location will no doubt change, may bump off here

Another view of the luggage caddy

Baker wings installed, should help with passenger wind

Your Comments

7/23/06 Have a good trip neighbor

Lou says, have a great time.


May the winds be at your back. I hope to live vacriously through your adventure, while I'm studying. Our prayers are with you both and Shade.

7/24/06 Good Luck and God Speed

Have a blast and be safe! May the sun always shine on your face (don't forget your sunscreen) and the wind always be at your back! Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

7/24/06 Have a Great Time!

Lynsey and I think what you two are doing is so cool, we hope that we get the same chance someday. Have a great time and be safe. We will be checking back every day to see how you're doing.
Brandon & Lynsey

7/24/06 Remeniscent of Daniel and Frank's trip

When you guys see Daniel, you can compare notes!! He rode on the back:)
Good luck to you, and have fun. Look forward to seeing you when you get back.
Elizabeth Beane


Keep those abs in tight on the bike. Have fun and stay safe. Looking forward to the pictures!

7/24/06 Oh I Got a Helmet....

Scott - u nut!!!! Brenda & I wish you and Lorraine all the Best of Luck on your tour.... Sounds like a blast. Be safe.. we'll be watching from the big screen!!


p.s. the TITLE of this entry came from some funky 1969 movie called "Easy Rider..." when Nicholson got out of jail and rode off w/ Peter & Dennis
BT Turner

7/24/06 You will have a BLAST!!!

I'm so happy for you both! This is such a cool thing to do. I will be watching for the updates and pictures.

7/27/06 Tent

Did you bring a tent?


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