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Monday, July 24, 2006

Malvern to Shawnee SP to Pittsburgh to Youngstown

On the road bright and early at 7:00 a.m. Weather perfect.

Traveled the PA turnpike through lancaster county to a State Park called Shawnee. It had nice trails and a lake. We walked the "lake shore trail", 3.5 miles around the lake. Lorraine thought that 4 foot black snake was dead, thus walked 1 foot away right by it. Not dead!!!!

We then shoved off for Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh really is cool to look at. As you get close, you come through a tunnel and suddenly Pittsburgh appears sort of down below in front of you. Its amazing how the three rivers come together, and the "Three River Stadium" certainly is aptly named. I was told the best view of the city was from up on the mountain peak, so off to the "Duquesne Incline" where you ride a rickety old wooden thing down the side of a sheer cliff basically. Ah but what a view.

Gotta tell you, it was great, but I was happy to get off. I always felt like the thing was going to pick "today" to have a cable snap, and nobody was gonna survive that.

The history of Pittsburgh show up thier was aweome. Like the way the exact same view looked over 200 years. THe pics from the HUGE 1936 flood. And how foggy with coal smoke the town was during big steel. We then strolled to the river and ate some shrimp.

After that, we wanted to get a head start towards Cleveland, so we put in "cleveland" into the GPS and proceeded to go around in cirles. Yeah, right, south 65. Somebody tell TOMTOM map that that onramp is long gone. Ok, so why not just bust it to the ohio border and Youngstown. Done.

Thanks for the chocolate Lou.

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Looking like Richard Petty?

Better call Ghostbusters

7:00 am and rareing to go

About 5 tunnels through mountains to Pittsburgh

Tunnels, Tunnels, Tunnels

And lots of farms, have you ever smelled skunk and cow s$*t at the same time?

Went right to here in Pittsburgh, top of the river hill.

And went on the Duquesne incline

The view was awesome.

Thats the point where the 3 rivers come together

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7/24/06 God's Speed!

Wow - you are finally on your way! Thanks so much for including me on the update. The pictures are awesome...making me feel like I'm there. I'll be thinking of you while I'm sitting in my air conditioned swiss-designed office, and wishing that I was outside and on the road with you. Keep me posted, and God's speed for a safe and fun-filled adventure.
Debbie (a.k.a. Debra) Maher

7/24/06 On the road again,....

Perfect timing and love the pics. I'm sitting here preparing a lesson plan on PA and the Pittsburgh pics are just the trick. It's like going along on the ride with you. Yeah.

7/26/06 Gotta love the Burgh!

I'm catching up on your glad you got to see Pittsburgh! It is awesome coming out of the tunnels and seeing the city...brings back great memories of Pitt! Glad that you made it down (or up) the incline safely!

7/26/06 Who Knew Pittsburgh Looked So Cool!

I think that I will have to drive out to Pittsburgh and check it out, looks like a cool city. That cable car looks nuts! Stay safe and have a blast.
Brandon & Lynsey


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