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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cleveland, Canton, OH

Slept in late. Then drove to Warren, OH to get the left saddlebag latch fixed at a honda dealer. Laun had it fixed in 10 minutes (thanks Laun), so now we have more space for stuff.

Then onto Ohio turnpike (hey Ohio, they have this new technology now called EZpass, quit living in the dark ages). Then into Cleveland on an ungodly stretch of highway called Route 77.

Cleveland has a really nice waterfront. While the pictures might look like the other side of Lake Erie is very close, thats just a jetty. The lake is HUGE.

Rock and Roll museum is very nice, lots of cool stuff. Especially liked the "influences" interactive, where if you picked "led zeppelin" for instance, you saw the influences as "muddy waters" and the "yardbirds" and then with concert footage and music you really HEARD the similarities.

Strangely, I really enjoyed the "Ricky Nelson" wall. Interesting how he came from Ozzie and Harriet into teen superstar, then later in life was booed at Madison Sq. Garden by a bunch of folk expecting a young teen idol singing the old stuff. That was his inspiration for the song "Garden Party" which is a cool song.

Lots of clothes worn by rockers. Cool exhibits that showed you how various styles arouse, like Seattle Grunge, The London/NYC punk era, etc.

Brandon would have liked the "early rock influences" which showcased how artists not considered "rockers" started working towards rock. Like "Robert Johnson" who reportedly "sold his soul to the devil" to play guitar like he did.

No pictures allowed inside, thus the lack of documentation. You will just have to see it yourself.

Had a nice late lunch on the 3rd floor deck of RandRHOF overlooking the water, then high tailed it to Canton, OH.

We are in a hotel, ready to get up early and visit the National Football League hall of fame Wednesday morning.

So far, the weather and temperature have been kind, but we expect to get hotter as we roll West.

GPS is cool technology to have in our situation. Can't very well have someone in the passenger seat with a map on a motorcycle. Oh, and the rider to passenger helmet communications work great. We leave it off most of the time, turn it on when we need to talk. Nice work with that technology Honda.

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Rock Hall on Lake Erie

Looking back on Cleveland from waterfront

Lake Erie

Lake Erie and some biker babe

Hmm, i must be on a football stadium tour, Heinz field yesterday, Browns field on the right, Canton Hall of fame field tomorrow (Raiders/Eagles soon)

Can you find the wind turbine hidden in this pic?

Day 2 route 148 miles, but hard miles, big slabs

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7/26/06 Keep Rockin'

Sounds like the R&R HOF was pretty cool, can't wait to hear what you think of the NFL HOF. Cleveland looks almost as cool as Pittsburgh, Lynsey and I might try and swing out to both for an extended weekend sometime.
Brandon & Lynsey

7/27/06 I miss you two already

I miss you two already. Great blog, I feel like I'm on the trip without the wind in my hair.


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