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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Canton to Marysville, OH

Yeah, third day in Ohio. But there was stuff we wanted to see here. Thanks for the NFL hall of fame suggestion goes out to Phil.

The NFL hall of fame in Canton is very cool. It is SOOOO neat to explore the history of the game and its players. Lots of really cool memorabilia and interactive exhibits.

And the hall of Hall of Famers busts is much cooler than it sounds. Man, those old timers in the early 1900's were nuts.

After the hall, we hopped on route 62 west. Also know as the "ohio bypass". What a great road after super slabs for last two days. Route 62 curves and floats and goes through Ohio amish country. Average 20 miles between towns for 100 miles. And the towns where usually 1 light and 1 block long.

Saw Ohio's longest covered bridge. Ate great cherry pie at a diner out in nowhere and arrived in Marysville at 5ish.

Ate at one of those newfangled "chipotle mexican grill" joints. Wow, no wonder they are doing so well. They do it right.

I also tried the other new craze "dipping dots" on this trip. Nitrogen frozen BB sized ice cream. I only had 1 spoonful so as not to worry my fitness trainers.

High temps today, only 85 degrees.

Pictures to come.

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The route. Route 62 was a great road. Averaged 60mph through rolling farm country.

National Football Hall of Fame

Reggie goes in the week after our visit

The great Steve Van Buren

We had a damn good run, lets do it again

Lots of this along the Ohio Bypass, route 62

Cherries to go at this fast food joint

Longest covered bridge in Ohio

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