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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ames, Iowa to Mitchell, South Dakota

Slept in a little too late (7:30) and did not get rolling from Ames until 8:20, which is a mistake we will not make again in this weather.

By the time we reached Mitchell, 375 miles away in South Dakota, the temperature was 108. I think the new fangled "evaporative cooling vests" saved us. They work pretty good. We "recharged" then once using the water from the cooler and then again at a supermarket restroom.

We took the back roads scenic way to Mitchell. Route 30 to route 4. Then a long west run on Route 3 to Akron, Iowa where we had lunch in a little local diner.

Then it was route 48 to Route 29 to another stretch of VERY lonely road called route 18. Upon intersecting with Route 37 we headed north into Mitchell.

Most all the roads in Iowa and eastern South Dakoto run east/west or north/south. Its like grids.

Anyway, wow, really, really lonely roads today. Two laners with huge farms on both sides. If you broke down out there, help would be a lnng time coming.

We would always see a sign like "Manno - 12 miles". Then Manno would be a church, two houses and a post office. No gas, no business. One end to the other was about 100 feet, then corn fields for another 20 miles.

It could almost get boring. But after lunch, all we really thought about was the heat, and staying hydrated and doing what we could to cool down. Did i mention that finding shade was close to impossible. yeah, 4 foot high corn does not provide much shade.

Most farms had a 50/50 mix of corn and another low growing crop. First person with the correct answer for that crop gets a postcard.

Tomorrow we will be going to Custer for 2 days. Lots to see along the way. One stop alng the way will be someplace that has been around since 1931 when it was opened by Ted Hustead. There we will get some free ice-water. Where is it?????

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Todays route

Where we are NOW

Yeah, probaby about half way across the US

Well, almost the right sign

Soybeans, correct answer by Brian

Wind Turbine farm, probably 100

High temp today, 108


Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD, look it up on the internet

Corn Palace exterior and interior, all corn, cost $30,000 annually for artists to create

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7/29/06 Alternate crop

Soy beans???
Brian H.

7/29/06 The Trip

The short crop is soy beans.

Your doing a great job of documenting your trip, we're enjoying it, so keep it coming.

Ted's place is Wall Drug in Wall, SDak, everyboby knows that one, right!


Oh we are having so much fun following you on this adventure. Just love the both of you and your pioneer spirit. We guessed soy beans or barley on the low crop. No idea where you are going for ice water. Love Keith and Catherine
catherine and Keith

8/2/06 don williams

8/2/06 don williams

almost the same....add a MC to it
don mcwilliams


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