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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kimball, NE to Granby, CO via Rocky Mountains

Upon leaving Kimball, we went through the Shawnee National Grasslands. Miles and miles of beautiful prarie.

Probably is, between Shawnee then 75 miles of Nebraska nothingness, the Goldwing gas tank was below empty. On top of that, I was battling wicked crosswinds off the barren prarie, and flagman doing roadwork.

Right when I figured it was time to stop at some farmers house and ask for a gallon of gas, a little gas place came out of nowhere and we were hooked up.

It wasn't long after that that we got on 34 west, heading into Estes Park with the Rockies looming large ahead.

The ride into Estes Park is awesome on its own, but then you enter Rocky Mountain National Park and begin the big climb to 12,700 feet.

I gotta tell you, no guardrails most of the way, you go off, you die. Lots of switchbacks up the mountain, temperature dropping from 80 to 54. But, my, my, what a view for the entire length. Awsome.

We stopped at the Park center at the top, and walked the last 1/2 mile to the top. Yah, that stuff about lacking of oxygen is true. But we made it.

We then had lunch after dropping down about 4000 feet in Grand Lake and then found a hotel in Granby, CO.

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Heading into Estes Park

Going Up, Up, Up

I have to say, it was nerve wracking at first

Temperature dropped 20 degrees


Almost to the very top

The last 1/2 mile to the tippy top

At the Summit

Continental Divide

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8/3/06 Phillies

Yo! The coach wants you to keep going west as long as they keep winning! The pictures look awesome. I sure wish I was with you. Oh well, working is second choice. Not!!


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