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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Moab, UT to Torrey, UT

Got a late start (9:30) and headed for Arches National Park. Wow.

Its 18 miles of twisty road to the end of the park. So much to see. At the very end of the road is "Devils Garden". There we trekked the entire 5.2 miles of trails out to "Pinnacle Arch", "Navajo Arch" and the "Double O Arches". Awesome.

We wore "Camelbak" water carriers and sucked down lots of water from the hose. But despite this, after traveling 50 miles to Green River, Scott began exhibiting signs of dehydration. We rested up in Green River for an hour, drank lots of water and trekked on.

The last 20 miles into Torrey are though the Capital Reef National Park. Very cool. Actually the entire 90 miles on Route 24 to Torrey were scenic highway and excellent.

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Todays Route

Entering Arches National Park

Balanced Rock

Delicate Arch

Lots to See


Devils Garden

Can you find Lorraine at wonderful Pinnacle Arch

Scott Contemplating it all

Navajo Arch



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8/6/06 Keep on Truck'n (well, Bik'n)

I know how hard it is putting that many miles on the raod....Kat and I put 3300 in 6 days from PA. to OR. The Canada route we took was amazing...However, that was all done in a comfortable SUV. I can't imagine the toll it is taking on you both.
Have you given any more thought to changing your route to pass through the beatiful state of Oregon? Highway 84 was designed as a Scenic Highway, and it's the perfect time of year for it. At the end, a climb to the top of Multnomah Falls would be a walk in the park for you by now.
I could talk to Kevin, and try to coerce Cathy and him down here. I've got plenty of crab left to put a nice spread on the table.

Keep in mind, I am only home for another week. I suspect the Dr. is going to clear me for Light Duty at the end of the week.

Brian H.

8/6/06 Eagles at 5 PM PST

Hopefully you'll find to time to rest a bit, and catch the game (yeah, it's only preseason.....)
But hey, it's a good excuse to kick the feet up and relax!
Brian H.


Now would be a bad time to realize you forgot to turn off your coffee maker. Don't forget to take the dam tour at Hoover Dam. If I remember geography, it's like an inch away from you.


Your pics compliment ours of a couple years ago "Thanks for the memories."
Hang onto that good weather. No more advice from Mom and Dad Hall
See above

3/4/07 Wow! What Fun!

Hi Scott! Lorraine too...soon to meet : D
Wow... What a fun wonderful adventure! Loved the pics...esp the cherry crisp! haha Thanks for sharing.
: D
Laura (mass. therapist)


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