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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Torrey, UT to Hurricane, UT via Bryce and Zion

Great day, we took Route 12 out of Torrey. Its 100 miles long and very scenic. Route 12 starts out as Dixie National forest and you climb up to 9000 feet among endless birch trees.

Suddenly, it changes into canyonlands. At one point you are walking a tightrope of a road with no shoulder and very deep canyon on both sides. You really hold on tight to the handlebars then. Route 12 curved left and right, up and down and you don't get a chance to go very fast, but there is so much to look at.

Near the end of Route 12 was Bryce Canyon National Park. It is full of rising stone that they call "hoodoo's". We took Navajo trail down to the bottom of the canyon at Sunrise Point. Sunrise point is one of many viewpoints offered of the very large and cool canyon. It was much easier going down that going up.

Ebenezer Bryce was one of the earliest rancher back in the day with the canyon his backyard. When asked about that "canyon" in the backyard, he said something that is oft quoted about the canyon. Can you tell us what Bryce said.

It was now lunchtime, and Ruby's Inn seemed to be the Bryce hotspot, but upon entering the parking lot, all we smelled was RV dump. The ended up being fortutitous, as it sent us 10 miles down the road to a place with a big sign that said "famous soup and pie". Well, you know Scott was all over that.

75 miles later, we turned right onto Route 9 which goes right through Zion National Park. That $50 park pass is getting a workout. Beats paying $20 and we figure we have saved $100 already.

The ride through Zion was sooooo cool. Just when you think you have seen every red rock, or canyon formation, it gets changed up. Zion was so different. The entire 12 miles was like a road carved out of rock. Couple of tunnels and one extremely neat switchback out of the 1 mile tunnel deep down into a huge chasm. Wonderful.

Our hotel is advertised as being West of Zion. Yeah, west by 20 miles. But we are headed back tomorrow morning to hike into the Narrows. Then its off to Vegas.

Oh, the town we are in now, Hurricane (pronounced Her-i-can) actually had a multiplex, first time we have seen anything like that in about 10 days. So we went to see "talladega Nights" and thought it was very funny. Saw some great previews also.

Stranger than Fiction

The Guardian

oh, and the trailer for "The Grudge 2" scared the crap out of

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Route 12 not far out of torrey

After forests of Birch, back into Canyonland

Route 12

See the road traveled switchbacking below?

Bryce Canyon National Park

Heading down into Bryce Canyon

Near the bottom of Navajo trail into the belly of Bryce

Bryce is cool!

More Bryce

Bryce, the rest of the pics below are Zion



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8/6/06 Just Catching Up!

The pics are great! This is such a cool thing for you guys to do so everyone can tag along with you. Plus we get to see that you're safe. My husband saw your site and he told me, "I can't get you to go that far in a car, let alone a bike! Her husband is lucky." All I could say was, "Yeah he is!" :>)


8/7/06 Bryce's famous saying

Ebeneezer said "Its a helluva place to lose a cow"


More memories---Thanks Makes Mom want to go back. A Pop-up trailer in our backyard can do it again!!! Last time I bumped into a highschool classmate at Zion.
Dad Hall


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