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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Groveland, CA to Pacifica, CA

Its been an intesting 56 hours.

On Thursday morning we were in Las Vegas. We went through Death Valley and ended up in Yosemite National Park. Hiked 19 miles and now 24 hours later, ended up in San Francisco, then south on Coastal route 1.

From Groveland, outside of Yosemite, it was a comfortable 150 mile trip to downtown San Fransisco. We saw the biggest "wind turbine" farm yet, both sides of route 580 west. Also saw some evidence of big brush fire over acres.

After getting through a long line to the toll both, we crossed the Bay Bridge. Very long, a big bridge, followed by a tunnel, followed by a suspension bridge.

Upon hitting San Fran proper, we went to the most tourist section available. Everything you need to have an excellent SF day can be found at "Fishermans Wharf"

There we found the famous "Pier 39" full of lots of cool restarants, mostly seafood. But we walked a bit north and found one of the finest seafood restaraunts in SF. That would be "Franciscan". Great view of the bay and Alcatraz right out the huge wall of glass.

The waiter suggested their specialty. Some kind of big sizzling plate that is placed at your table full of Dung. Crab and shrimp all sizzled up in a garlic sauce. It was awesome. Lorraine's favorite meal of the trip so far.

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Todays route

Groveland, very nice town outside of Yosemite on 120

Heading towards San Fran, huge Wind Farm both sides of highway

Bay Bridge into San Francisco

Lunch at Franciscan

Good stuff, you can view the harbor and Alcatrez out window

Did a bay tour

They must like all the seafood restaurants

Hmm, i think I may of heard of this landmark before?

It looks close enough to swim too, but currents and cold water are the problem

Pier 39

If you ever go, get the warm mini donuts!

Fishermans Wharf

It was a bigger slope up than the picture shows. Took immense clutch, brake coordination on a motorcycle.


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8/13/06 Near the Wharf.

Hopefully, you found your way to the Ghiradeli Cocolate factory!!! Just minutes from the Wharf and some awesome dark chocolate... Better than Hersheys!

Did you do the Alcatraz tour?
Brian H.


Missed Alacatrez - the next tour was Wednesday, but it's certainly a reason to go back - among others like the chocolate factory. Didn't know it was there, might never have gotten me out of it!


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