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Monday, August 14, 2006

Lost Hills, CA to Needles, CA

Got up early this morning and with a donut for breakfast hit the road again - 1st destination was the Route 66 museum. Unfortunately, it was closed. Only open Friday through Sunday. We did get a picture of the outside though!

Started down historic route 66 which was following Route 40 for a time. It was fun, feeling rather retro, when the road got too bumpy for us to continue. It was obviously a section that wasn't maintained, so we went back to route 40 for the next many miles. Had lunch at a diner in Ludlow about 120 miles outside of Needles that was obviously a throw-back - good food and atmosphere. Scott had cherry pie for desert (I grabbed a few fork fulls), it was good but the cherry crisp in Aspen is still the winner.

After lunch we continued on route 40. We were actually going through the Mohave desert and it looked it! Now I know what mirages look like - twice I thought I saw water like a pond in the distance but it wasn't - just the affects of heat on the land and cloud shadows. I tried to take a picture of it but am not sure whether or not it came out.

Just had a swim in the hotel pool to cool off (high on the road today was 104, so we needed it) and now we're off to dinner at a Carl's Jr. Tomorrow we head to the Grand Canyon. Love to all, with a special shout out to Becca who's just moved into a new place the first of August. Hope it's beginning to feel like home. Let family know your new address ok? Peace Out :)

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Route for the day

CA is a major producer of our food

Route 66 Museum

Scott across an old unrideable section of Route 66

Diner in Ludlow

Mohave desert (also spelled Mojave) See the train?

More desert

Mirage - can you see the pond? Mid left... no, really...

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