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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cortez, CO to Taos, NM

This was a beautiful day for riding. Started out riding to Mesa Verde which is a national park that protects the ruins of cave dwellers. It was the centennial celebration so trails and ruins that hadn't been open to the public were available, unfortunately they were sold out well in advance of our stop. Instead we went on a self guided tour of the spruce tree house. It was incredible to think of these people living in the cave dwellerings back in 1200s.

Then we got on the road to Durango where we ran a few errands and had some lunch. A lovely town we could picture living in (no, no plans to move.) We contemplated going on a rafting trip but the timing wasn't right for what we would have wanted to do.

Another 140 miles before reaching Taos, an art community in New Mexico complete with adobe style buildings and indian stylings. Can't wait to explore tomorrow morning.

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Today's Route

Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellers

Bike at the highest point at Mesa Verde National Park

Getting to the Cliff Dwellings meant rising 3000 feet

Entering New Mexico

New Mexico ranch

Heading to Taos.....

...meant one more climb up into the clouds

High Plain Drifters

Rio Grande River Gorge

Purple Mountains Majesty

Sunset in Taos


Working our way back home, Scott says "enough with the mountains already"

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Rafting would have been fun. Liked the Goodnight picture. Miss you guys.
Glad Chris and Betty survived. Was nervous...can't handle all this on a motorcycle all day. Thought my worrying about my kids were over. Have a won day. Dede and 2 kids are coming up for 3 days. Going to see Lion King...(Chauntee is in it from the Today wedding couple) Might just have to throw a dart at her or something. We need rain here. none for August. Bodie is doing ok, left leg bad..hardly getting around but spirit is there...she manages.

8/18/06 Hey

Glad you all are safe. Thanks for watching Betty and I onn the show, we appreciate your support. Enjoy your trek back we're thinking of you.


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