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Friday, August 18, 2006

Taos, NM to Amarillo, TX

We left Taos after a stroll down the center of town. It was everything you'd expect a New Mexican town to be - adobe styled buildings with crafts galore. We peaked into a few art galleries, they weren't open yet, and found a few things Lorraine liked in particular. Then we hit the road.

More Mountains, ugg. (That's Scott - he's ready for some non-windy roads without steep inclines.) It was beautiful scenery, though. We drove through the Carson National Forest following a flowing stream. Very relaxing.

We had lunch in Las Vegas, NM. It's nothing like its sister in NV, rather subdued "normal" town. New Mexico, the north at least, was much like Colorado at first, changing somewhat into a drier flatter land the farther east we got. Just avoided a storm after entering TX and are happy for it. Now we're heading to the local Gold's gym for a workout and dinner later. Thanks for staying tuned and especially your comments. They give us something to look forward to after a day on the road! Bye~

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A section of the town of Taos

Bridge over the river

More Taos

Route 518 out of New Mexico

The stream we followed

Very refreshing

Carson National Forest

One of the long and windy roads

Leaving New Mexico

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8/19/06 Montana

OK, Austin and I flew into Billings today (saturday). We picked up the HD electraglide and we are ready to roll. Did you guys get near Mike in Beline NM yesterday? Make sure you do some TexMex while you are there. The beef brisket BBQ is pretty awesome also. Keep the rubber rolling!


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