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Monday, August 21, 2006

Springfield, MO to Litchfield, IL via St. Louis, MO

Another great day. We started out the day with a couple of stops in mind. First up was the Devils Elbow just off of Route 66. This is an old famous bridge that is just about falling apart. Some say it's one of the prettiest spots along the route. It goes over Big Piney River and was quite lovely and rustic. Then we headed to Cuba, MO. We took route 44 most of the way, but got off before the town for a nice leisurely drive down county route 8 to Steelville before heading north again to Cuba. In this town they had a series of murals painted on the downtown buildings. One section told their story of the civil war. Several others depicted life in "the old days". We took lots of pictures. Had lunch at Steak and Shake again - still good.

After lunch we headed to St. Louis to the Arch. It really is breathtaking. Spent a little time strolling around the park, then decided to take the tram to the top. During our wait for the tram, we toured the museam which had a good depiction of the tension between early settlers and native americans. They also had items that represented the early times like covered wagons, teepees, and a stuffed horse and buffalo. We recommend seeing it if you have the chance.

We had no idea what to expect from the tram. It wasn't pretty at all. After a long wait they shove 4 or 5 ppl in an egg shaped pod. Scott had to duck and we were close enough to be touching strangers. Those who know us well know how yuck an experience that is for each of us. We rode to the top, bumpy, crowded and no AC. Got off, swaying, crowded, slanted and no AC. Looked out one window and got in line to go back down. Scott was green, I was red. What a sight! (the view was ok too). Needless to say, we don't recommend this one. It was better from the ground. We've now checked into a Holiday Inn Express in IL for the night. Scott's picking up bike parts tomorrow morning (don't worry there's nothing wrong) then we're off again. All systems go for home.

We're compiling a list of "Bests/Favorites" from the trip. If you've got something you'd like to see a favorite for, let us know, we'll add it to the list.

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Totay's Route

The Devil's Elbow Bridge, Ozark Mountain bluffs in background

A renowned Route 66 location, lots of history, but it needs sandblasting, fixing, painting...

Route 66 has plenty of these

Cuba, MO, also know as Mural Town

Most of the murals match the building, i.e. hardware store, post office, etc.

Cuba murals

more Cuba murals

Approaching St. Louis downtown on Route 55

This bridge is famous, designed by James B. Eads, revolutionary design for its time (1874)

St. Louis waterfront

It was all great until we ventured to the top....

Scott took one picture before turning completely green

The evil pod


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8/21/06 Hey

Hi guys,
Betty and I are in NY. Today they took the grooms to Bloomingdales. They gave us $500 and 30 minutes to buy an outfit for the women. Very stressful. Cameras running. Girls will be doing a fashion show on WEdnesday. Hope we are still in it. We have been on that tram up the arch also....very claustrofobic. Glad all is well and safe with you. Hope to see you home safe soon. Thanks for your support. Love to you both.
Chris & Betty

8/22/06 home stretch

Have to say, will be glad to have you back in PA. but have enjoyed all the pictures and info..felt a part of everyday. You need to go to Atlantic City though to say you went from Ocean to Ocean. Miss you guys, see you soon.

Mom & Mom in Law


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