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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Litchfield, IL to Lawrenceburg, IN, right on the Ohio Border

The fast way to head East would have been Interstate 70, but its a yucky piece of slab full of trucks.

Instead, we headed southeast down and over to Route 50. What a joy the road was. It came in all flavors, nice gentle curves. cornfields, forest, small towns, some interesting hills.

Getting to 50 sure was interesting, we used the GPS set for "fewest miles" and darn if it did not take us on serious country roads, then through weird gravel roads in the middle of corn fields. The shortcut seemed like going down somebody's driveway to no where.

We are now only 580 miles from home and pretty much ready to get there.

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8/22/06 See you soon

Happy that you're getting close to home. I imagine you'll see us in the morning. Hopefully we won't get voted off!?!! Have a safe rest of the trip home. I'm sure you'll have tons of memories. We had another nice dinner with everyone this evening (sad someone has to go), then went and saw "SPAMALOT"............Chris & Betty

8/22/06 Spamalot

Brandon and Lynsey saw and 'loved' Spamalot.

8/23/06 Short Timers....

Looks like about 2 more days of riding left. You should be home in time for a long restful weekend. Glad you decided to keep the blog up and running
Brian H.


Amen to Brian.

dad Hall


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